Kanyr, the world’s leading PTP inhibitor company.

  • Capitalize on existing expertise and local resources
  • Minimal competition in the PTP area
  • Many PTP targets available and left untapped 

Montreal, QC, Canada

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PTPs - Opportunity

PTPs have long been thought to be “undruggable”. Recent successes
show that this is no longer the case:

  • PTPβ inhibitor in P1 development for diabetic macular edema
    (Aerpio Therapeutics AKB-9778)
  • PTP-1B inhibitor entering development for Type 2 diabetes
    ​(Kaneq Bioscience KQ-791)

PTP inhibitors are currently at the nascent stage that kinase inhibitors were 20 years ago. Kanyr has develop two broadly applicable anti-cancer programs: 

  1. PRL-PTP Inhibitor and
  2. PTP Inhibitor Immunotherapy – ImmunyrTM Technology


Tapping the Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Gene Family to Treat Human Diseases