PRL-PTP Inhibitors

The phosphatases of regenerating liver (PRLs) PTPs are the most oncogenic enzymes of the PTP gene family.

These are small (Mr  ~20,000) single PTP domain enzymes comprising three highly homologous members (PRL-1,-2,-3).

All PRLs are oncogenes and promote cell proliferation, tumour growth,  invasion, and metastasis in over 90% of all cancers. However, the underlying molecular mechanism behind their oncogenicity remains unknown.

Kanyr has proprietary  data on their mechanism of action and a proprietary small molecule lead compound inhibitor allowing for the targeting of PRLs through a newly identified co-oncogenic partner.

PTP-based Immunotherapy

Kanyr identified a key PTP that negatively modulates dendritic cell activation.

We developed proprietary small molecule inhibitors against this PTP and demonstrated that these inhibitors are able to boost dendritic cell activation.

ImmunyrTM  Technology
 - Ex-vivo activation of APCs with proprietary PTP inhibitor for the development of therapeutic cancer vaccines

Significant advancement over current technologies

Project looking for partnership in 3 -10 months