Abundant evidence supporting the cancer promoting roles of PRL-PTP and other phosphatases in cancer immunotherapy. 

These are one of the top untapped targets for anti-cancer therapy.

  • Identified as a difficult target.
  • Shallow and wide catalytic pocket.

Currently no known activity on PRL inhibitor development or appllication in immunotherapy with anti-PTP inhibitor.  Proprietary data on targeting PRL/CNNM complex  and other PTPs provide head start on competition.

Kanyr will focus on the indication with the greatest probability for a positive


Kanyr was incorporated in May 2013.

​Acquired rights from McGill for two major cancer programs: 

PRL-PTP inhibitor and ImmunyrTM technology.

​In the process of establishing seed funding.

Kanyr’s research team possesses >15 years of experience in the PTP field.

​Is a “world-leader” in the understanding of how to chemically target PTP gene family.

PTP gene-family is associated with multiple human diseases but remains one of the few untapped areas of drug discovery.

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Tapping the Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Gene Family to Treat Human Diseases